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Speed Workouts

Wednesday Night Speed Workout 26 SEP 12

Back at Urbana HS track for this workout.  Have your warmup completed and ready to start at 6pm.(Note time change).LAST ONE OF THE YEAR!!!!Warmup=2xWatusi/Standing Jumps/Frankensteins/High Knees/4x50m sprintsWorkout=2x1600m/1x800m/2x400m/4x200m with 3-min rest betweenCooldown=4x75m strides/12x toe raises/heel raises/1-leg squatDirections/Parking: <

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Wednesday Night Speed Workout 16 May 2012 5K Handicap Results

Congrats to all that participated. I hope you had a good run out of it. Again I want to thank Chris Valicka and TEAM BANZAI for donations of prizes. Jeff Kelly recorded the fastest time of the night in 16:11 with WAVA-graded being 77.96%. So he'll get the "grand" prize!!! Stan Shobe had the biggest adjusted time with a 22:33. On the female side, Shauna Tschirhart ran 20:38, also recording a 69.84%. Dawn Carson recorded the biggest time difference running 20:59. Way to go to all of you!!!

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