Speed Workouts

Wednesday Night Speed Workout 26 SEP 12

Back at Urbana HS track for this workout.  Have your warmup completed and ready to start at 6pm.(Note time change).


Warmup=2xWatusi/Standing Jumps/Frankensteins/High Knees/4x50m sprints

Workout=2x1600m/1x800m/2x400m/4x200m with 3-min rest between

Cooldown=4x75m strides/12x toe raises/heel raises/1-leg squat




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Wednesday Night Speed Workout 16 May 2012 5K Handicap Results

Congrats to all that participated. I hope you had a good run out of it. Again I want to thank Chris Valicka and TEAM BANZAI for donations of prizes. Jeff Kelly recorded the fastest time of the night in 16:11 with WAVA-graded being 77.96%. So he'll get the "grand" prize!!! Stan Shobe had the biggest adjusted time with a 22:33. On the female side, Shauna Tschirhart ran 20:38, also recording a 69.84%. Dawn Carson recorded the biggest time difference running 20:59. Way to go to all of you!!!

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