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Club Sponsored Runs


Summer Fun Runs are held each Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. on the North side of Meadowbrook Park in Urbana. A one mile warm up is followed by a three mile run with a 10-15 minute break between the two. Participants of all abilities are encourage to attend as you determine your own pace per mile. Fun runs at Meadowbrook Park are held April through October. Typically the time changes to 6 p.m. in late September to take advantage of what little sunlight remains.

Winter Fun Runs are held at the U of I Armory Track during the Winter months.  The Outdoor Group meets at 6:00 p.m. to run a 4 or 6 mile loop through campus and Urbana.  Meet at the SW Entrance (corner of Gregory and Fourth Street.) In the past, an indoor group has also met to use the indoor track at the Armory. There is a fee to use this facility if you are not a campus recreation member. 


Speed Training sessions are held each Wednesday night at at 6:00 p.m.

Spring/summer/fall sessions are currently held at the Centennial High School track in Champaign. Click here for map of location. Winter speed work sessions are currently meeting at the University of Illinois Armory, same location as the winter fun runs listed above. There is a fee to use the facility for non-members.

Contact the speed workout coordinator Randy Stearns at  if you need further information. 


We have seasonal marathon and women's running programs.  

Other Runs

Mondays - Fridays

U of I Lunch Runs are run on the U of I campus during your lunch break. This is a fast paced group!  Contact Patrick Nowlan for more information.


Buffalo Trail run, Mahomet trails, 6:00 p.m., during Daylight Savings Time.


Run with the Buffalo.  Trail running takes place at various locations. To keep informed, subscribe to cu-buffalo at Yahoo Groups

Full Moons

Full Moon Run take place on evenings of a full moon at the Mahomet Trails. You haven't lived until you've run through the Mahomet trails in the dark with the Buffalo. Subscribe to the Buffalo Runners Mailing List (see above) for details.

Special Events

This fall, the club is promoting the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis (Nov 2, 2013) as our fall road trip race.  Join us!

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