Job Description: Build a Better Second Wind

Build a Better Second Wind Duties

Description: Keep track of points and select merchandise for January awards celebration.


1. Create an excel spreadsheet with all volunteer events, newsletter, and club runs.

2. Start spreadsheet with the list of all board members, coordinators, race directors and

newsletter team. Each person gets 100 points regardless of the number of duties


3. After each volunteer event (race support, run with the dogs, membership event,

speaker series, etc.) get the list of names from the coordinator and update the

spreadsheet. Participation in each event is 50 points. You may also create a google

doc and have the coordinator update the file.

4. After each issue of the newsletter is printed, update the file with the people who

wrote articles. Each article is 50 points. Do not include articles that are part of

coordinator responsibilities. For example, the President’s letter is considered a duty

and should not receive any points.

5. With each issue of the newsletter, obtain the list of current members from database

coordinator Kim Nystrom Keep all participants on the

spreadsheet, but note those that are not members. Some of these individuals may

join later in the year. Discussion point – do we only give points to current members?

6. In early June, make sure the list is updated and points are totaled. Create a file for

printing in the July/August newsletter. The deadline is June 15. Make sure this file

only lists current members. Include a description/article with the list of names. See

sample article below.

7. In December, confirm all persons in file are current members. Delete any names

that are not members. Send this file to coordinators for marathon training, ½

marathon training, fun runs, speed workouts, and beginning women’s running group.

8. Compile final list of names under each category for the January awards celebration.

Sample July/August newsletter article:

To be eligible for an award, members have to volunteer at one club sponsored event

or write an article for the newsletter and obtain the minimum number of points as listed in

the chart. Different club activities have different point values. To obtain 100 points, you

would need to be a board member, club official, race director, or coordinator. This is the

one category where members cannot double up on points. Next is the 50 point category.

In this group, you earn points by volunteering at races, speaking at a club event, or writing

an article for the newsletter. Lastly, is the 10 point category, where you earn 10 points

each time you attend a club run. Examples include fun runs, speed workouts, marathon

and ½ marathon training, or the beginning women’s running group.

Minimum number of points Possible awards

300 Travel mug, water bottle, or key chain

400 t-shirt, singlet, or shoe bag

500 Sweat shirt, running shorts, or gym bag

600 Jacket, running pants, or blanket

Below you will find the current volunteer standings in the Build a Better Second Wind

program. The coordinators are keeping track of all activities and will be included in the final

tally at the end of the year.


1. Each person in the four BBSW categories will receive an award at the January

celebration. You may need to get sizes depending on award given.

2. Keep track of current inventory of awards to determine if they can be used the

following year.

3. If new awards are needed, bring a list of suggestions to board for final approval.

4. Order awards.

5. Organize awards for presenting at January Celebration.

6. 2009 awards:

o 300 points (cost $3 to 6) – coaster. No new awards needed for 2010.

o 400 points (cost $7 to 14) – shirts. Need new award for 2010.

o 500 points (cost $15 to 24) – vests. May need new award for 2010.

o 600 points (cost $25 to 35) – jackets. Need new award for 2010.