second wind events 8/8-8/15

One week till we get potlucky at Meadowbrook! Our summer cookout will be Tuesday, August 15 at Meadowbrook after the fun run.

You should bring:

your own (non alcoholic) drinks (booze is NOT allowed at Meadowbrook)
a side to share (bring as much food as it would take for everyone in your group PLUS ONE person to be satisfied)
a chair if you want to guarantee you can sit
bug spray if you need it
your own reusable plate/utensils if you want to help the environment get lucky
something not sweaty to change into if you're running and don't like mosquito bites

Second Wind will provide burgers, buns and condiments. There will be some veggie burgers but no gluten free bread. Marc will be running the grill, and thanks to everyone who has done the work to make sure this cookout will go smoothly

Know a lady who wants to start running? Our Fall Women's Beginning Running Group starts tomorrow, August 8! More experienced runners who want to join, either with a friend who is new or just for the group are welcome too. We start out with anywhere from all walking to 2 minute running and 2 minute walking intervals and add a few minutes to our group run/walk each week. Find more details here:  (the program isn't full yet so if you're planning to join - or get a friend to join with you - register ASAP).

Registration is open for the Women's Fitness 5k, on Sunday, October 1! This is the 32nd year for this club event. Get more details and sign up online here - it's a great race for a great cause.

 Fun Run: Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana (at the intersection of Windsor and Vine - there is a parking lot and you can park on both sides of Vine as you approach the park). We will start out with a timed-ish mile running west and then south, followed by one or more two mile loops  continuing in the same direction. Not sure you're up for a fast mile? The Relaxed-Pace Running Group (RPRG) does a 11-15 minute mile pace and walking is welcome. Both these groups go in the opposite direction, so no matter your speed you'll see other club members!
 Post Run: Guido's in Champaign ! Don't plan to run? Come out at 7:30.  Got an idea where we should go? Or feedback (good OR bad) about a place we went? Email me! Speedwork: Wednesday at 6pm. This week, we will meet at Centennial High School in Champaign. Come participate in a fun and different workout each week. Runners of all speeds are welcome to attend and speedwork will alternate between meeting at Centennial and at Orchard Downs.
Saturday group run (marathon training): Saturday at 7am. This week we meet at Meadowbrook Park at the Windsor St Lot for 12 to 16 miles (on a 4 mile loop!). Even if you're not planning on running a fall marathon, there's a group run distance for you since all routes have an easy way to make a 3-5 mile run. Unlike our Spring training program, these runs are open to all club members. Check out the schedule here - routes are not final for all weeks, but starting location and distance options are listed. Letitia Moffit is this week's coordinator. The route is here: .The course will be marked with chalk at important turns.
Summer weather and water reminder:
The club brings a cooler of water to the Tuesday night and Saturday morning group runs, but no cups - bring your own bottle. Water is not provided at speedwork. In the event of severe weather/electrical storms, use caution and common sense when going on a run. Decisions to cancel fun runs and speedwork due to weather will be made in as timely a matter as possible.


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