Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam

Finish all four of these fine trail ultramarathons and you are an Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam finisher!  No extra entry fees or paperwork needed.  Pretty easy, eh? 

What’s the prize?  The four race directors are still working on that…but it will be worthwhile and cool.  All Grand Slam finishers will get the award and the overall male and female winners (lowest average finish place in their respective M/F category) will get an extra Grand Slam prize!  Awards will be given out at the conclusion of the Farmdale race.  We’ll post the final “Slammers” on this web page too.   

2010 Grand Slam Events

What counts as a “finish”?  That is left up to the individual race director.  If the race director lists you as an official finisher of the race—you are a finisher.  Do that four times and you are a Slammer!   

Questions?  Contact Chris Migotsky at or call him at 217-649-2505.  

Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam race directors (listed in order of the races):  

  • Chris Migotsky, Clinton Lake 30-Mile Trail Run
  • Rich Skocaj, McNaughton Park 50/100 Mile Runs
  • Larry Swanson, Rock Cut Hobo 50K
  • Adam Zimmerman and Mike Klopfenstein, Farmdale 32-Mile Trail Run  

NOTE:  Rock Cut Hobo and Farmdale also have shorter runs affiliated with their races.  Only the ultramarathon distances count for the Trail Ultra Grand Slam.  You aren’t getting into the slam by running 8 miles at Farmdale!   

2010 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Standings  

2009 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Final Results  

2008 Illinois Trail Ultra Grand Slam Final Results

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