Founded in 1983, the Second Wind Running Club is Champaign-Urbana's premier running and walking club. Membership is open to all ages and levels, from beginning walkers to seasoned runners. With around 500 members, there is truly something for everyone.


  • second wind events 3/27-4/3

    Our new men's beginning running group is looking for mentors and new runners - as part of the women's program as a mentor, and marathon training as a pacer, it is incredibly rewarding to feel like you're impacting people by helping them accomplish new running goals every week. As a bonus, it puts my own running woes into (sometimes hilarious) perspective... a little too frequently.

    Find the links for mentors and runners for the men's group here: http://secondwindrunningclub.org/events/training/mensrunning

    Did you see the photos from the Clinton Lake Ultra this past weekend and want to get in on this trail running nonsense? Run our next club race, Buffalo Trace, on May 12! It's 5 miles on lovely prairie trails at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet. Sign up online at http://secondwindrunningclub.org/races/buffalotrace !!!

    This week: Fun Run:
     Pick up your pre-ordered shirts starting at 6pm on Tuesday at Meadowbrook!
     Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at Meadowbrook Park in Urbana (at the intersection of Windsor and Vine - there is a parking lot and you can park on both sides of Vine as you approach the park). We will start out with a timed-ish mile running west and then south, followed by one or more two mile loops continuing in the same direction. The Women's Beginning Running Group will be joining us for their optional weekly run. The Relaxed-Pace Running Group (RPRG) does a 11-15 minute mile pace and walking is welcome. Both these groups will go in the opposite direction, so no matter your speed you'll see other club members! Post Run: Esquire in downtown Champaign. Got an idea where we should go? Or feedback (good OR bad) about a place we went? Email me! Speedwork:Wednesday at 6pm. Meet at the Armory. Come participate in a fun and different sprint-based workout each week. Runners of all speeds are welcome to attend. $3 to get in if you don't have a valid iCard. Speedwork will move outside sometime in April as weather dictates. See you on the trails!
     Magdalena#secondwindrunning  Other future local races: http://secondwindrunningclub.org/racecalendar


  • Seeking Mentors for the Men's Beginning Running Group

    We are starting a men's beginning running group. The eight week program will begin Tuesday May 9th at Meadowbrook park, Race Street entrance. The group will be running two days a week: Tuesday evening and the second time likely being on Saturday morning starting from various locations. This is a fun/social introduction to running group modeled after the Women's Beginning Running Group. It will end to coincide with the Fourth of July Freedom 5k. But we are emphasizing that this is an introduction to running. We encourage men to run and have fun doing it. If they want to run the 5k that's great, but not an expectation.

    Registration will begin mid April for runners!

    We are looking for mentors who would be able to help on the designated two days per week.  Your role as a mentor would involve primarily being present and encouraging new runners in the program. In addition you would help your group stick-to a given plan during the run. We will accept all volunteers, but ideally you would be able to be present on both days. There will be approximately 5-6 runners per mentor, depending on the enrollment. Each training session should take from 45 - 60 minutes.  


    Also, be aware that these men will be walking and running as part of the program, and that the fast pace might be 11 minute miles, down to a fast walk at the slowest.  Please consider your ability to run at these slower paces as it can be challenging if you’re used to faster paces.


    Please let us know by April 9th if you’re interested.  Here is the form: https://goo.gl/forms/i2bBUTM7acZIH8Ki1


    You can email either of the co-directors Tom Burton (tomlburton (at) gmail (dot) com) or David Ammerman (dttammermann (at) yahoo (dot) com) with more questions!


    Thanks for considering becoming a MBRG Mentor!