Men's Beginning Running

Drawing on our popular Women's Beginning Running program, Second Wind Running club is starting a men's beginning running group. The eight week program will begin Tuesday May 9th at Meadowbrook park, Race Street entrance. The group will be running two days a week: Tuesday evening at Meadowbrook and the second time TBD by the group starting from various locations.


This is a fun/social introduction to running group. It will end to coincide with the Freedom 5k on July 4. But we are emphasizing that this is an introduction to running and not a couch to 5k program. We encourage men to run and have fun doing it.


Registration is open now for runners!


Currently, we are looking for mentors who would be able to help on the designated two days per week.  Your role as a mentor would involve primarily being present and encouraging new runners in the program. In addition you would help your group stick-to a given plan during the run. We will accept all volunteers, but ideally you would be able to be present on both days. There will be approximately 5-6 runners per mentor, depending on the enrollment. Each training session should take from 45 - 60 minutes.  


Also, be aware that these men will be walking and running as part of the program, and that the fast pace might be 11 minute miles, down to a fast walk at the slowest.  Please consider your ability to run at these slower paces as it can be challenging if you’re used to faster paces.


Please let us know by April 9th if you’re interested in being a mentor. Here is the form for potential mentors:


You can email either of the co-directors Tom Burton tomlburton (at) gmail (dot) com or David Ammermann dttammermann (at) yahoo (dot) com with more questions.


Thanks for considering becoming a MBRG Mentor!