Build a Better Second Wind

Allerton Trail Race Volunteers

The Build a Better Second Wind program (BBSW) was implemented as a way for the club to thank members for all the hard work that keeps the club afloat.

The program is designed to recognize and reward volunteering and participation in club activities. Such participation is the life blood of the club. To be eligible for an award, members must volunteer at a club sponsored race or write an article for the newsletter. Then awards are earned by obtaining the minimum number of points as listed in the table below. Different club activities have different point values.

To obtain 100 points, you would need to be a board member, club official, race director, or coordinator. This is the one category where members cannot double up on points. Next is the 50 point category. In this group, you earn points by volunteering at races, speaking at a club event, or writing an article for the newsletter. You can also earn points each time you attend a club run. Examples include 5 points for speed workouts, marathon and 1/2 marathon training, or the beginning women’s running group, and fun runs. The coordinators keep track of all activities throughout the year.

Minimum number of points

Possible awards

300 Travel mug, water bottle, or key chain
400 T-shirt, singlet, or shoe bag
500 Sweat shirt, running shorts, or gym bag
600 Jacket, running pants, or blanket


Prizes will be selected by the board and may differ each year. Members are recognized each January at the club's annual banquet.

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